Bachelor Of Education – Arts (secondary) LU “ KCSE mean grade C+ or Diploma in Education from a recognised institution or two principals and 1 subsidiary pass in KACE 2 ½ years 47,500 (full time) 33,000(sch.based)” 40,750 (FULL TIME)28,425(SCHOOL BASED)
Bachelor Of Education (primary option) (LU) Diploma in Education Primary option or P1 certificate with mean grade C plain with 2 years teaching experience or KCSE mean grade C+ 2 ½ years 47,500 (full time) 33,000(sch.based) 40,750 (full time)28,425(sch.based)
Bachelor Of Education in Early Childhood Development (ECDE) LU KCSE C+ or Diploma in ECDE from recognized institution 8 trimesters

21/2 yrs

47,500 (full time) 33,000(sch.based)” 40,750 (full time)28,425(sch.based)
Diploma in Education Arts (secondary)(LU) KCSE mean grade C+ with C+in any two teaching subjects 5 trimesters 29,500 (full time) 25,000(sch.based) 25,450 (FT) 21,625(SB)
Diploma in Early Childhood Education (ECDE) (KNEC ) KCSE grade C plain or certificate in Early childhood Education or P1 certificate 2 years (6 trimesters)” 17,500 (full time) 11,500 (sch. based) 15,250 (FT) 10,150(SB)
Diploma in Education (Primary Option) LU P1 certificate with grade C plain or P1 certificate with grade D+ and two years teaching experience 5 trimesters 29,500 (full time) 25,000(sch.based) 25,450 (FT) 21,625(SB)
Diploma in Teacher Education –DTE (S1) KNEC KCSE mean grade C+ with C in English, D+ in Mathematics and C+ in any two teaching subjects. 3 years 17,500 (full time 11,500 (Sch. Based) 15,250 (FT) 10,150(SB)
Diploma in Special Needs Education (KNEC) ” P1 with minimum 2 years teaching experience OR certificate in ECDE or Ministry of Education DICECE certificate with at least D+ in KCSE or its equivalent and at least two years teaching experience. 2 years 17500 (full time) 11500 (Sch. Based)” 15,250 (FT) 10,150(SB)
Primary Teacher Education(P1) KNEC KCSE grade C Plain 2 years 17,500 (fulltime) 11,500 (Sch. based) 15,250 (FT) 10,150(SB)
Certificate in ECDE (KNEC) KCSE grade D+ KCSE grade D plain for proficiency Level 2 years 17,500(fulltime) 11,500 (Sch. Based)” 15,250 (FT) 10,150(SB)


“our mission is to prepare highly effective leaders , educators, teachers, school counselors, who support , encourage , and create learning environments that meet the learning needs of all students.”

Welcome to the school of Education , a vibrant and growing department committed to successfully preparing the next generation of scholars, practitioners and professionals. We are delighted that you have chosen to join our learning  community at Embu College . Mr Stephen Mutai.

April 2016 (school based)  reporting and registration is 9th April 2016 .May 2016 reporting and registration is 3rd may 2016.


  1.  Full Time      :8.00AM -5.00PM MON-FRI
  2. Weekdays Part Time  :5.15 PM -7.15 PM MON -FRI
3. Weekend Part Time 2:00 AM -8.00PM FRI

7:00 AM-6.00PM SAT

4.  School Holidays  April, August & Nov/Dec