Mission Statement

The Embu College Alumni Association exists to strengthen the Embu College by informing, engaging and mobilizing Association members and the Embu College community. Vision Statement The Embu college Alumni Association must be a consistently growing, active and powerful embu College community that creates impact for the College through out the country. Values The Embu College alumni community is united by these commonly shared values: Pride Loyal alumni members celebrate the achievements of Embu college and one another through service, support and generosity to Embu college . Tradition Shared Embu college experiences motivate us to preserve, protect and perpetuate unique, timeless traditions. Connection Alumni and friends unite through a shared passion to support Embu college and fellow College mates.

Why Join?

Your membership in the Embu college Alumni Association is the single most powerful way to make all of Embu College stronger, including the value of your own degree/ diploma/certificate. Through your membership, the Association:-
    1. Enhances student recruitment by signaling to the best and brightest that a powerful affiliation exists in support of the College
    2. Increases the value of your Embu College Diplomas/ certificates by highlighting the accomplishments and commitment of our graduates
    3. Provides an avenue through which informed advocates for Embu College can voice their opinions and be heard by leaders and politicians Nationally
    4.Grows a larger network of graduates who can help fellow embu College mates in an increasingly competitive world.
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