This department is charged with the duty of nurturing students' talents and ensuring that as a student you explore your artistic capabilities to the fullest. Drama and Music department also ensures that students not only focus on their talents but also enjoy themselves in the process. Music and drama is all about having fun, making lasting friendships and networking in the art sector.
Our aim is to - ensure that students are able to grow holistically.

Focus is on Kenya National Drama Festivals where the college normally performs up to the national levels.
The many categories of items include: plays, Dramatized verses(both solos and choral verses), cultural creative dance, modern dance, narrative and stand-up comedy
Focus shifts to Kenya National Music festivals where the college is always represented in elocutions, instrumentals, folk songs and dances, Choir competitions (set pieces, own compositions, zilizopendwa) etc
Rehearsals begin for Drama Festivals

Horning one's ability in the arts can open new realms in areas such as Journalism ( print and mass media), acting, creative writing, Film production, and editing. There is no limit to the opportunities opened up by the Arts.

Embu college is a force to reckon with in Kenyan National Drama and Music Festivals. Our past performances speak for themselves in the festivals. For the past 2years the college has won trophies and other accolades at both the regional and national platforms.
2016 Drama Festivals
The college was represented at the nationals with a dramatized choral verse and a solo verse. We proceeded to the Gala with our dramatized choral verse "Uvundo"

• The verse was position 2 at the nationals.
• The college also won NACADA Trophy for best item on Drug abuse at the national level

At the regional level the college won best Choral verse and was also first runner up in Solo verse

2016 Music Festivals
In the 2016 Music Festivals the college performed exemplary well as we scooped a number of trophies and certificates. The college emerged tops in :
• Female set piece-- large choir
• Male set piece-- large choir
• Special composition choral verse on terrorism-- " Pretenders to Piety"
• Own composition Swahili choral verse-- "Ligi"
• Duet
• Quartet
The college was position 2 in:
• Special composition choral verse on waste management -- "Lahaula Tumechoka"
• Own choice published choral verse -- "Saidia Maskini"
• Solo verse own composition -- "Rebirth"
• Instrumentals -- Percussion Band
The college scooped more awards for position 3:
• Set Piece large mixed choir
• Instrumentals -- Barred instrument
• Trio
In 2015 Drama and Music festivals, the college also excelled.