The course is designed to equip the trainee with relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable him/her to perform administrative duties as a middle level manager in a firm. The course is packaged in three modules namely:

Diploma in Business Management Module I

Diploma in Business Management Module II

Diploma in Business Management Module III

The course is concerned with the application of management principles in business performance as well as implementation of procedures and processes related to business management.


A business management diploma prepares students for a diverse range of careers in various industries. Graduates may pursue jobs in the following fields: Small business management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and sales, Human resources management, Business information systems, Health services management, Hospitality management, Sustainability management, General management, E-commerce, Accounting, Self employment

ACADEMIC PROGRESSION: Bachelors degree in Business Management, Bachelors degree in Commerce (any business Option),


  1. Passed relevant craft course in business management. OR
  2. Passed KCSE with an average of C- (C MINUS) OR
  3. Equivalent qualifications as determined by KNEC

The course is designed to help a student to:

  1. Recognize the role played by the different departments in a firm.
  2. Use tools of analysis in decision making in a firm.
  3. Communicate effectively in day today business management activities.
  4. Apply legal aspects in business management
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of emerging issues in business.
  6. Recognize self-employment as an alternative to formal employment.


CATS (Internal)…………………………… 30%

Main Exam (External- KNEC)……………. 70%

Industrial Attachment/ Internship of 660 Hours before end of the course.


Communication skills

Life skills



Financial Accounting


Business law


Cost Accounting

Principles & Practice of Management

Supply & Transport Management

Quantitative Techniques

Commercial & Administrative Law

Office Administration & Management

Marketing Management

Business Plan


Management Accounting

Organization Theory & Behaviour

Human Resource Management

Financial Management

Labour & Industrial Relations

Research Methods

Trade Project