Certificate in Community Development and Social Work

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Social development work is a professional service which helps individual groups and communities obtain social personal, social satisfaction and independence through accepted scientific methods promoting social  and human development. It involves helping people to adjust to changes and accept stressful situations that cannot be altered.


The course aims to promote or restore a mutually beneficial interaction between individual and the society inorder to improve quality of life for everyone by helping individuals achieve some relieve from problems, empower them and meet their basic needs especially thevulnerable and the oppressed.

Assessment methods

  • CAT    -30%
  • END TERM – 70%
  • Practical skills assessment – 100%


Career opportunities in social work and community development are excellent. Social workers and community developers help people to live more successfully within their local communities by helping them to find solutions to their problems. One can work in a range of different settings in the private, voluntary or statutory sector and also work with a number of different service users; children and families, young people, people with a disability, people with mental health issues or older people as activists, mobilizers, advocates, educators, counsellors, mediators, planners, researchers, administratorse.t.c


  • Social work theory and development
  • Social policy administration
  • Community health
  • Law in social development
  • Communication skills


  • Sociology
  • Project development and management
  • History and government of Kenya
  • Social research methods
  • Communication skills


  • Human growth and development
  • Kiswahili
  • Economics
  • Administration and management
  • Social research project

What Will I Learn?

  • Clinical social work
  • Mental health social worker
  • Gerontology social workers
  • Social work administrator
  • Child welfare
  • Community Based organizations

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