Certificate in Human Resource Management

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The course is designed to help a student to:
i. Understand the role of HR in achievement of organizational goals
ii. Apply the principles of HRM in a firm
iii. Understand human behavior in achieving organizational goals
iv. Apply quantitative techniques in making sound HR decisions
v. Understand the legal provisions that govern labor and industrial relations
vi. Adopt emerging trends in HRM
i. Passed a relevant Artisan course OR
ii. Passed KCSE with an average of D (D PLAIN) OR
iii. Equivalent qualifications as determined by KNEC
A diploma in human resources opens up a number of exciting opportunities in almost every
industry, ranging from healthcare and engineering to banking. You can work as a human
resources officer, Human Resource training Assistant, recruitment specialist or placement
manager etc.
ACADEMIC PROGRESSION: Bachelors degree in Human Resource Management, Bachelors
degree in Personnel Management, Bachelors degree in Commerce (HRM Option)

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