Certificate in Information Science (Library)

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The world is currently geared towards information and knowledge management. As a result, organizations, both public and private are increasingly realizing and tapping into management of information and knowledge by specialists. This course lays the foundation for the student in Information science and with the skill to manage information in libraries, archives, records centres, registries among other information centres. A craft certificate in Information science allows the student to smoothly proceed to a Diploma in Library Science/Archival Science and other related information sciences.


The course aims to lay the foundational skills of information science. It aims to equip the student with relevant skills for either salaried or self-employment. The course instructs on skills that enable the student to operate craftsman or middle supervisory functions in areas of archives, library and records management

Assessment methods

  • Written exam – 70%
  •  Practical skills assessment – 30%


Career opportunities in social work are excellent. Information workers help organizations manage their information and knowledge. As a result, they facilitate research and innovation, save on cost and encourage an environment of growth. As an information worker, you can work both in private and public enterprises. You can work with any service provider since every organization generates information and knowledge, regardless of the sector.

Module 1-Library operations and information services

  • Library and information center operations
  • Information resources and services
  • Communication skills
  • Introduction to computers
  • Quantitative techniques
  • Entrepreneurship education
  • Industrial attachment

Module 2-Records and Information services

  • Archives operations
  • Records management
  • Mail and courier services
  • Preservation and conservation of information
  • Professional ethics
  • Research project

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