School of Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Training in ICT forms the  backbone for development  of the ICT industry in Kenya. The ICT  industry  has  become  the  major  driver in youth employment, improvement in industries’ competitiveness and ultimately the achievement of vision 2030.The school of ICT is in the front row in developing manpower necessary for ICT development in the country, by generating highly skilled graduands in the field. We are continuously improving the ICT training infrastructure  in the college by setting up well equipped laboratories, reliable internet connection   for   our   students,  and   recently have acquired new and up to date  networking equipment to be used for hands on training.In our endeavor to impact  technical  hands  on skills to our students, the school has partnered with Cisco Ltd. to offer Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Information Technology (IT) Essentials  training. Our students leave the college as professionals in networking, computer repair and maintenance.

Courses in ICT
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